Pentaclone Workshop – Creative Organization

What kind of elements would be the core factors for our members to become creative talents?
If we learn some brand new method of enhancing creativity, would it help us to be the creative talents?
Creative methods do matter, however, other complex factors such as interconnectivity, self-efficacy, creative organizational culture, and the right leadership are all necessary for such transformation to become evident.
Our Pentaclone Workshop consists of 5 different issues that will trigger the inner creativity of the members for them to experience and aware of their own unique creativity.



Program Objectives
1. Understanding the necessity of organizational creativity and its concerns for both individual & organization.
2. Acknowledging the strength of individual & organizational creativity via Pentaclone Assessment (Trademark No. 41-2010-0031613) and enhancing creativity self-efficacy through essential feedback.
3. Experience various issues on organizational culture, system & structure, and leadership during the path of problem-solving to become a creative organization.



Program Description