Value Establishment for Millennial Gen. (Z-geneker)

“Z-geneker” is a newly coined term formed with a combination of “Z-generation” and “worker” as a reference to the new entrants and young generation workers in an organization. Z-geneker Program facilitates Z-genekers who put importance on individual future, value & meaning of work, etc. to think and reflect on their definition of values and settle their life-plan.



Program Objectives
1. Provide the opportunity for learners to reflect on their life, values, and strengths with diverse viewpoints.
2. Provide the chance to look into various important considerations that must be taken place during the future-planning process while having a reflective process on learners’ whole life.
3. Help establish a positive plan (objectives) for the future and find personal strengths to facilitate the structuring and systemizing of the effective action plan.



Program Description