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Who is it for?
CJ ENM OLA is for all of the members of CJ ENM O Shopping and can be held without the necessity to differentiate the job positions of the participants. The program is designed for 50~90 trainees per each run.



What is it for?
Will you lead or be led?! Stand out and become the ‘No. 1 Trendy Lifestyle Shopper’!
OLA (ONLYONE Lifestyle creator’s Activity) program was designed and developed as an L&D program on change agility. It has its purpose to provide immerse experience for participants to feel and understand the needs of acknowledging the changes and limitations one can face within the home shopping industry – that it is crucial for the members to quickly adapt on the everchanging environment and lead the innovation for the sustainable development towards the ‘Trendy Lifestyle Shopper’, a slogan of CJ ENM.
We have customized the theme, story, mission, and scenario with the actual data and cases of CJ ENM O Shopping to maximize the fun, immersion, motivation, and the learning outcome. Also, as the program can hold a large group of people per each run, it was designed as a Big Game genre to effectively operate on a bigger scale.
Online operation system (including Master Control Page and Data Analysis Platform) and stand-alone application customized specifically for CJ ENM O Shopping were also developed.



How was it developed and how does it work?
It is designed as a business management simulation program with a total playtime of 4 hours. 2~3 persons form a single team to compete with others by using an application installed within the provided tablet computer.
As the CEO of the home shopping company, each team has its goal to maximize the profit through efficiently utilizing acquired resources (e.g. adding and expanding media channel, product placement, etc.), establishing strategies, and analyzing upcoming trends.
OLA consists of various crises and threats that the home shopping industry currently faces. Participants can experience the process of overcoming the crisis by agilely adapting to the everchanging trends and maximizing the profit through product differentiation and the expansion of distribution channels.
With such experience, the program aims to deliver and internalize the importance of crisis awareness, innovative thinking, and challenging mindset.