CJ Group Phil-so-good

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Who is it for?
This is a program designed specifically for CJ Group as a company-wide program. Each run can hold 150~240 participants.



Why was it designed?
The Phil-so-good program was designed and developed to facilitate the internalization of the core values (ONLYONE, Talent, Epigyny) and the principles of action (honesty, passion, creativity, respect) in CJ Group’s management philosophy. During the process of entering the global market and growing a business, a variety of decisions and actions may lead to the acquisition of the Management Philosophy Card. However, as specific actions and guidelines are not provided for the acquisition of the Management Philosophy Card, participants can only acquire the cards through their natural decisions and actions. For such reason, the participants can naturally understand the meaning of each keyword that represents the management philosophy of CJ Group. In particular, all themes, stories, missions, and scenarios of the program were customized in accordance with the actual data and materials used in CJ Group to maximize the voluntary motivation, learning outcome, and immersion of the participants.
In addition, as the program was designed for a large number of people to participate in a single run, it adopted a big game genre that can effectively operate multiple orders with large-scale participants.
We have developed and provided a standalone online system (including master control page & data analysis platform) along with an independent application optimized for CJ Group.



How was it developed and how is it operated?
The program consists of the total playtime of 4~5 hours with 4~6 players in each team; each team is then divided into two groups for a collaborative play. The program requires the use of the application with the tablet PC which will be provided to the participants.
Phil-so-good introduces CJ Group’s current global business structure and the characteristics of four major business industries (including food, biotechnology, distribution, entertainment & media). It aims to share the strategies for future growth through the collaboration of different sectors and industries within CJ Group. Participants will experience the need to quickly adapt to the changes in the environment through analysis and strategic judgment based on the given information.
Also, when the game ends, the “CJ Management Philosophy Practice Review Report” is generated based on the decision and behavioral data gathered through the application. Based on the report, participants can review and provide feedback to each other. A review workshop will be held to discuss the management principles and establish action plans accordingly. Data collected throughout the program can be used as the internal data for the establishment of future L&D direction planning.