Escape Code

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Who is it for?
The program is for all employees, from new entrants to executive members. 50~150 participants per single run are recommended.



What is it?
Escape Code is a program designed as a big game genre to transform participants’ perspectives when solving community problems. The missions are designed to facilitate participants’ learning outcomes from various challenges and failures they may experience as a team. Big game genre refers to the gameplay that consists of 3~4 players in a single team to compete with other teams at both indoor and outdoor locations.
The scenario of the program is about recovering a company’s computer network system that has been disrupted by a hacker group. The players will face unexpected conflicts and problematic situations to find and solve various codes.
The players will strategically solve various quizzes and missions while communicating and collaborating with other players throughout different rounds.



How is it organized and operated?
The program consists of the total playtime of 4~5 hours and requires participants to download the application on to their mobile devices (Android/IOS). In addition, the program uses various IT systems such as QR and NFC beacons, it is required for the institutions or locations to check if such devices are applicable for use beforehand.
The whole program begins with participants watching the intro video, downloading the app, understanding and familiarizing the rules, and starting the missions.
Escape Code is not intended for competition; it is rather a program that requires participants to create a completed passcode within a limited time, in which they need to share information and effectively communicate with each other. A review workshop for the wrap-up of the entire process will be conducted after the end of the game.



What can you experience and learn?
There are various points that the participants can experience and learn from the Escape Code. They learn how to see with an organizational perspective to solve a problem and realize how silo may interfere with the success of an organization. The importance of the individual’s R&R to solve organizational problems is also shared throughout the program. Through the repeated trials and failures as a team, the participants understand the true meaning of collaboration in an active manner, not passive. Above all, the overall success experience can even lead to organizational revitalization.