Lotte Group LE.MARK.ABLE

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Who is it for?
The program was intended for a new entrant or PMI subjects of Lotte Group. Each run can hold 100~200 participants.



What is it for?
The main purpose of the program is to wrap-up the past 2 weeks of new entrant training and remind them what they have learned throughout the 2-week course. It focuses on sharing the core value and the management principle of Lotte Group and motivates them to have pride as the member of Lotte Group.
The theme, story, mission, and scenario were all based on the actual data and references from the Lotte Group to maximize the motivation, learning outcome, and immersion of the participants. Also, as the program was intended to serve a large number of people per single run, the big game genre was chosen for the design. The standalone online system (including master control page and application) was designed and provided along with the program.



How was it developed and is operated?
The total playtime consists of 6~7 hours and players are to use the given tablet PC for the application as a team of 8~10. Each team is then divided into 2 groups for cooperative play.
LE.MARK.ABLE contains 4 rounds (Period of Adaptation – Boom – Depression – Innovation) with different market and competition situations.
For each round, each team must analyze the market and establish a strategy, advance into the market and collect various information to achieve the highest growth rate.
LE.MARK.ABLE utilized the actual data of Lotte Group in the global market and contains Lotte Group’s core value, history, business, strategy, and more. Therefore, the program itself can be used as the check-up test for the review of the 2-week new entrant training course. The level of learning agility can also be checked.
For participants, they will experience the opportunity to reflect on their actions/decisions and assess with the management principles of Lotte Group.