Posco Group Gem-A

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Who is it for?
The program is designed specifically for Posco Group employees, and each run can hold a variety of employees in different positions with 30~70 participants per single run.



Why was it designed?
GEM (Go the Extra Mile) was developed as part of the corporate philosophy internalization program dedicated to Posco Group. It aims to foster members’ understandings of role and responsibility as the corporate citizens based on its management philosophy and growth as the ‘Corporate Citizens that grow together’.
In particular, all themes, stories, missions, and scenarios of the program were customized specifically to accord with data, materials, and terms used in Posco Group to maximize the voluntary motivation, learning outcome, and immersion of participants. Also, as the program was intended to serve a large number of people in a single run, it adopted a big game genre to effectively operate multiple orders with a large number of participants. Standalone online system (including master control page & data analysis platform) and independent application optimized for the program were also developed.



How was it developed and how is it operated?
The program has a total playtime of 4 hours with 2~3 people in a team. Tablet PC is provided to the team for the use of the application.
Throughout the total of 3 rounds, participants must expand their business area to maximize their sales. Strategies must be established to succeed on various missions that are based on the actual management activities (case studies) of Posco Group, located in various sectors of the Posco L&D institution. As each round consists of unexpected events that can change the course of the game, so each team must agilely plan upon the changes.
The team that achieved the highest profit through strategic decision-making by making effective use of business characteristics and corporate citizenship ideology (Business/Society/People with POSCO) wins the game.
At the end of the game, the ‘Corporate Citizen Action Results Report’ is generated based on the analysis of decisions and actions that each team has made. Based on the report, participants can review and provide feedback toward each other. A review workshop will be conducted to wrap-up the whole experience of the program. The data gathered from the program can be used as the internal source for establishing the future L&D direction of the organization.