The Age of 4th Industrial Revolution mobius 4.0

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Who is it for?
The program was designed for any members of the organization, regardless of positions or roles. Each run can hold 30~120 participants.



What is it?
The program was developed based on a big game genre for conceptual learning on the characteristics of the 4th Industrial Revolution and 6 core technologies. The game utilizes the whole institution, both indoor and outdoor, with 2~3 people in a single team. Mobius 4.0 unfolds a global market scenario in the 4th Industrial Revolution where all teams must analyze various market information and grow their companies in the fierce market competition. Players are to solve various quiz missions about the 4th Industrial Revolution through research and experience the impact and issues the 4th Industrial Revolution may bring to the market.



How is it organized and implemented?
The program has a total playtime of 4~5 hours, and each team is provided with a tablet PC and its application. As the program utilizes IT systems such as QR and beacon, it is essential to check if the institution can provide the necessary environment to support the program operation. On the day of training, all participants start with watching the intro video, acknowledging the rules, and scattered into teams. The program consists of a total of three rounds including technology acquisition, market 4.0, and hyper-competition with drastic changes in the market. After the end of the game, the wrap-up workshop is followed.



What can you experience and learn?
The program provides a general understanding of the 4th Industrial Revolution and digital transformation. As the scenarios are based on 6 core technologies, including A.I., 3D printing, blockchain, IoT, big data, and biotech, the players can indirectly experience the drastic changes in the business and work environment. In particular, the fast change in business model and core competencies for better results can be seen throughout the play, helping participants to think about what kind of future talent they should be to prepare for ongoing, and upcoming changes.