SK Telecom Go.Ma.Um

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Who is it for?
The program was designed as a promotional training program, with a capacity of 40~80 participants per single run.



What is it for?
The GOMAUM (i.e. Time to Move Customer’s Mind) program was designed as a promotional training to provide participants the experience of working in marketing and networking sectors and learn the ways to provide the highest level of services in the customer’s perspective through cooperation and coordination.
All of the themes, missions, and scenarios of the program are based on SK Telecom’s VOC (Voice of Customer) and are customized according to actual data and terms used in the company for maximization of motivation, learning outcome, and immersion. Also, the program adopted a big game genre to effectively operate for a large number of participants.



How was it developed and implemented?
The program presets 2 routes located in a specific area (near mountain and park course routes) and has a total playtime of 8 hours. The participants are given with walkie-talkies, maps, game kits, etc. and will form a team of 4~7 players.
Each team contains members from both marketing and networking sectors (50:50 ratio). They must move through various mission posts on the course of VOC and cooperate with each other to solve the problems. Players in the marketing sector will be responsible for networking routes and vice versa for their experience in different fields. As each player is responsible for works in a different field, they get to understand the difficulties of other sectors and learn the best way to cooperate with each other. The program was designed to provide a successful experience for all of the participants along with a team-building and organization-vitalization experience.