SK Group SUPEX Race

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Who is it for?
The program was designed for new entrants and members to be promoted in SK Group. Each run can consist of 30~150 participants.



What is it?
SUPEX Race program was designed as a module within the L&D course for SK Group’s new entrants and promotional training. The missions and scenarios were designed to provide effective learning of SK Group’s history, core-values, talent, and organizational understanding. The program utilized the big game genre to effectively operate on a large number of participants while maximizing the voluntary motivation and immersion into the outdoor program.



How was it developed and implemented?
The program was designed for 6 hours of gameplay within a specified area (near the hiking trail). Tablet PCs, walkie-talkies, maps, game kits, etc. are provided to the participants, with 8~15 players in a team.
SUPEX Race consists of a total of 7 missions. Each group must achieve the highest scores for each of the categories: SK Group’s history, core-values, talent, and organizational understanding. Each team will start from 8 different positions depending on the start mission, and will solve each mission creatively by using the given materials. Information cards are necessary to solve missions and are scattered all over the routes. Within the given time, a single team cannot collect all of the AR & QR information located in all of the routes; therefore, the teams must strategically collaborate with one another. Also, fun bonus activities are also held throughout the game, making the program not only effective to build mutual trust and unity between players, but also fun.
After the game is over, all of the answers to the missions are released for teams to check their scores. Wrap-up workshop is then provided to reflect what the participants have experienced and learned throughout the program.