Coupang Leader’s Box


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Who is it for?
The program is designed for leaders responsible to lead a group of members.



What was it designed for?
The program contains a case study-based game where the participants can learn situational (4 colors) leadership theory, apply it to the actual business case of Coupang, and practice various leadership coaching skills. It is an indoor game that requires understandings of situational leadership theory; thus, the game is held after the educational session.
As the program facilitates participants to share the process of solving the business case problems with appropriate coaching skills, they can grasp their state of learning on the situational leadership theory. By doing so, the program generates a group genius effect between the participants.



How was it developed and implemented?
The program can hold 5~6 players pet single set, with a total playtime of 2 hours. It is a program that participants can apply what they learned on the situational (4 colors) leadership theory and Coupang’s leadership principles (15). Frequent discussion between players is key to this program.
In order to develop the program, TPC developers have interviewed and studies employees of Coupang to analyze different positive and negative business cases that occurred within the organization and to implement such information on the game to maximize the reality of the scenarios. Also, leadership principles, competency structure, core values, and talent styles were analyzed to be implemented within the game to create self-driven participation and immersion. Teaching aid, lecture materials, operation guide, and facilitator training course were provided to the HRD team of Coupang for the custom use of the program.