Samsung HRD Institute Team Building


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Who is it for?
The program is intended for any members of the organization, regardless of positions or ranks.



What is it?
The program was designed for ice-breaking & team building activity before the primary course of an L&D program. The program contains two different themes, Imitation Game and Market Researcher, to be used as an indoor activity game within an L&D program.



How was it developed? How is it held?
Imitation Game: The game requires negotiation, planning, and deduction skills. It is a team competition game. Cards and sheets are included in the game. The theme of the game requires players to play as a team and secure the company from any possible threats by using the given clues carefully. Each set of the game material can hold 20~100 players with a total playtime of 30min~1hour. Strategy development, R&R establishment, decision-making, and implementation through effective communication between players are required throughout the gameplay, so the participants can experience positive energy between their team members as an effective team-building process.
Market Researcher: The game consists of a theme of a salesman who needs to travel around the world for market research to develop new products with a limited amount of budget. The game requires players to proceed with agile problem-solving skills and must find the quickest route towards the goal. Online systems and game materials are required for this game. 3~6 players with a total playtime of 30min~1hour can participate per single run. This program is very effective for a team-building exercise as the competition between the teams mostly goes viral.
Two programs can hold the wrap-up session under the keywords of group genius, collaboration, and strategical thinking.