NIA Cyber-bullying Prevention Program


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Who is it for?
Due to the increase of cyber-bullying within elementary schools, an increase in the interest and request for cyber-bullying prevention program was evident. As such, NIA launched an educational program development project aimed at elementary school students. The program was designed to vitalize the active participation of students; therefore, it was developed as a game-learning experiential program. The developed program was coordinated by expert lecturers and facilitators to be held in elementary schools located around the whole nation.



How was it developed and implemented?
NIA Cyber-bullying Prevention Program was designed to hold a total runtime of 2 hours. As the targeted participants were elementary school students, the thorough user research and the variance in playtests were necessary to derive the best learning outcome.
The first section of the program, ‘Cyber-bullying Counsellor’, was designed for students to think for themselves and present their ideas on how they should prevent or react to when they encounter the case of cyber-bullying. By utilizing the role-play method for students to act as the YouTube content creator, the no.1 dream career for elementary students, the program aimed to inform students how to prevent and react upon the case of cyber-bullying.
The second section of the program, ‘Compliment Talk-Talk’, was held with students sending off-line message-stickers to each other that contains compliments with the theme of SNS. By sharing what kind of stickers, they have received from their peers, the program aimed to facilitate interactive communication based on positive psychology. Also, SNS-themed materials were used to maximize the self-driven participation of the students.