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Who is it for?
This program is designed for anyone within an organization.



What is it?
It is a board game program designed for an in-door activity with 4~6 players in a team.
It is a typical ice-breaking program consisting of self-introduction & interaction between players; it allows players to answer the questions given through the play cards, which will help players learn about their colleagues naturally. Above all, the overall play is very easy and simple, making it viable for any people regardless of gender, age, job, etc.



How is it organized and operated?
The playtime of the program lasts from 40~90 minutes. Players roll the dice, draw a question card, and answers the question. The content and the difficulty of the questions differ based on the color, and players can get high scores when they answer difficult questions. The questions can be customized according to the request by the clients.



What can you experience and learn?
After the completion of the game, a brief wrap-up session is held based on Johari’s window theory. The importance of open-up and feedback is reviewed, which are important elements of communication attitude.