Lego line-up


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Who is it for?
This program is suitable for every member of an organization, including new entrants to leaders, who work as part of a team. It is mostly used as part of an organizational culture campaign for a company-wide L&D program.



What is it?
The program is an in-door game using Lego blocks, with 5~6 players in a team. The program requires a strategy for production that can assure both quality and quantity within the given amount of Lego block piles. It was first developed in 2013, and the highest time record has been continuously updated.



How is it organized and operated?
The Lego line-up program takes about 2 hours total and the fastest team that produced finished products using all of the given Lego blocks wins. Participants are given time to conduct an ideation meeting to develop a plan and check its validity, then compete to achieve the best efficiency.



What can you experience and learn?
Lego line-up is a creative problem-solving program. Participants can experience an agile process of the trial-feedback-improvement cycle with a common goal as a team. In particular, participants experience the importance of an individual’s R&R distribution for the assurance of the quality and quantity of the outcome. Also, they can learn the necessity of a creative approach, trial & failure from constant challenges, open-thinking, and risk-taking.