Doosan Group W.H.I.C.H


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Who is it for?
The program was designed for middle-level managers or higher.



What is it for?
The WHICH program was designed as an indoor game-learning program to assess the ‘fairness’ of participants, a category of ‘harmony’ part of Doosan Group’s concept of talent.
Each player must choose one decision out of four as the leader confronted by situations based on real case scenarios. However, as the facilitator of the program informs the participants that they are playing a game to identify their communication style, the participants play the game without bias in their decision-making.
Overall, WHICH program was designed to assess the ‘fairness’ internalization of the participants based on the decisions they make throughout the game.



How was it developed and be operated?
The WHICH program was designed to be played with 5~6 people per single set and has a playtime of 1.5~2 hours. As the program consists of a mechanism that facilitates communication between the players, the participants are able to get to know each other just like team-building programs. A player who holds most of the bonus chips wins.
The WHICH program provides insight to the participants that making decisions with the concept of ‘fairness’ is not quite easy and how various issues can appear throughout the decision-making process. The workshop of the program contains the wrap-up session and the practice session for the participants to learn and adapt to what they have learned from the program.
Through the acquisition of meta-cognition, developed leaders can make decisions for their teams in real life based on the concept of ‘fairness’ and act upon with the understandings of behavioral indicators presented by the program.