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Who is it for?
The program was designed for any members of the organization, including members located in different countries. Therefore, the English and Chinese versions of the learning material kit were also developed.



What is it?
The program was developed as a sum-up game after the L&D course to check participants’ understanding of the business and work process of Doosan Machine Tools.
Therefore, PLAY DIMF includes all of the elements that the members of the Doosan Machine Tools should know. It was designed as an indoor game-learning program to help participants internalize the clear view of strategic positioning, rival companies, products, technological capacity, factory operations, etc. If the participants lack the knowledge on any of the above, the game will provide the indirect experience of how each element will affect the overall performance and sales of the company.



How was it developed and implemented?
DIMF is a global exhibition held by Doosan Machine Tools every two years. It is an important event not only for the domestic buyers but also for overseas buyers. PLAY DIMF was designed to use the concept theme of this exhibition. The game consists of 4~6 players per single set and has a playtime of 2 hours.
Through the program, participants will experience all aspects of the business process, starting with marketing & sales to product production & delivery. Unlike a simple quiz-solving method with a correct answer, the program was designed as a board game that requires a strategy of collecting resources and achieving higher sales through efforts to increase efficiency.
PLAY DIMF is an experiential program with self-directed participation, immersion, and reflective learning. The wrap-up workshop is followed after the end of the game to reflect on the decisions and actions held in the game.