Lego race


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Who is it for?
This program is suitable for all members of the organization working in a team. It is generally provided as part of the training program for new entrants, promotions, leadership, and innovative thinking.



What is it?
Lego race program is a simulation program that has a goal to achieve the highest sales record by successfully performing the roles of each part in a basic business process, including planning, purchasing, and production (or design, procurement, and construction).
Through the program, participants can acquire the big picture of the followings:
1) how each part in the field contributes to the overall performance of the organization,
2) how each part of the business structures are interconnected,
3) how to work and share information for efficiency, and
4) how the business works as a whole.
Lego race program is conducted in-door and is based on the smart device application. Participants utilize their own mobile devices and Lego blocks.
4~6 participants are joined as a team to compete with others and are divided into three parts located in separate rooms.



How is it organized and operated?
Lego race program requires at least 4 hours of playtime. Due to the nature of its design, the program requires 2~3 extra spaces, including the main lecture hall.
Team members are located in the corresponding spaces, planning-purchasing-production (or design-procurement-construction), to perform their roles.
‘Planning’ strategically selects the client’s project instructions, which are divided into three levels of difficulty, and creates the blueprint that will be passed on to the ‘purchasing’. ‘Purchasing’ then purchases the required assembly parts according to the blueprint, determines the shipping cost, and delivers it to the ‘production’.
‘Production’ produces the final product based on the blueprint and assembly parts, and hands it over for the approval to generate profit. Acquired profit can be distributed strategically to the rest of the parts.



What can you experience and learn?
You can acquire diverse insights through the establishment of work efficiency, process structure, effective communication and cooperation within a constrained environment. If the participants experience failure within the process, the reflection time can be given to search for the improvement of expertise, problem-solving skills, attitude, cooperation, etc. applicable in a real-life environment. Also, the participants can also realize the best teamwork conditions during their experience in the program.