Posco Group GEMB


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Who is it for?
The program is designed for any members of an organization, regardless of their positions and roles.



What is it for?
GEM-B program was designed as an indoor game-learning program to internalize corporate citizenship based on the management principle of Posco Group.
Starting from the 1960s of Korea, the players can experience how the social responsibility of corporations has changed throughout the timeline and how the company and the people must proceed with the social problem-solving with the concept of ‘corporate citizenship’.



How was it developed? How is it held?
GEM-B program can have 4~5 players per single set with 3.5~4 hours of playtime. As the CEO of the company that sells computers, the players must react upon the changes of the market and the needs of the customers throughout different periods of time and implement the design and production of the computers. The game contains a total of 3 rounds from the 1960s to the 2000s. News cards contain a real-life situation that has happened in the designated periods. For every round, the players must collect necessary materials, assemble products, and set the price to be launched in the market. The result of the sale occurs every end of the round, and the player with the highest sale wins the game. Through the program, the players can experience how their actions for the social value can come back to them as the economical value to fully understand its positive cycle. They can also understand how the role of corporate citizens can turn into meaningful activity for the sustainability of the corporation. Therefore, as the corporate citizen, the players can understand how the past actions that Posco Group has made for the social value creation are not a waste of money but a rightful action for the community, people, and overall, the company itself.
GEM-B program effectively pulls out self-driven participation and immersion of the participants. After the completion of the game, the wrap-up session is followed along with the reflection time for the participants to discuss their actions and the outcome. When necessary, the program can run without a facilitator with the tutorial video and visual aids.