Samsung Electronics DStory


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Who is it for?
The program was designed to be suitable for any member of the organization. For the members located in branches and factories across different nations, the English and Chinese versions were also developed.



Why was it developed?
The program was designed as a simple board game to be used as a material for learning about history, core-values, organizational issues, production process, etc. of the Samsung Electronics. It contains every element required for the members of Samsung Electronics to know and was designed as an indoor game learning activity to maximize the internalization of the learning.
As the program was to be used globally, the mechanism of the game was designed not to be complex enough for everyone to easily understand the rules and play, along to avoid any possible misintentions that may arise due to different cultures and environments.



How was it developed and is being implemented?
The program contains a typical board-game theme that can hold 4~8 players per single set (players are divided into teams of two), with the playtime of 1.5~2 hours. Teams that have a good amount of knowledge and understandings on semiconductor products of Samsung Electronics can collect cards and chips required for the establishment of a production line, and the team with the highest production rate wins the game. The game contains various scenarios such as blackouts, financial crises, etc. that can influence the play progresses. Various real-life cases were implemented within the game for the participants to learn and internalize the learning contents of the game.
Theme, story, missions, and scenarios were customized with the actual data and materials from Samsung Electronics to maximize the self-directed motivation, learning, and immersion. After the end of the game, teams share their experience and insights followed by a wrap-up workshop to review the overall actions made throughout the gameplay.