Team maker


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Who is it for?
The program was designed for all leaders including team leaders, managers, and executives.



What is it?
The program is based on a board game designed to play indoor. The game consists of 4~6 players. The game is based on an auction mechanism, which players play as CEOs of a company to effectively use their limited budgets to scout optimal team leaders that suits the best for their employees. Each player will be given the random set of team members and must strategically scout team leaders that suits best for their team members. A player with the best team (based on the number of best matches between the team leaders and the team members) wins the game.



How is it organized and be operated?
The program has a playtime of 5~8 hours, including 3 hours of the gameplay and a detailed wrap-up workshop of 2~5 hours. The workshop connects the learnings from the gameplay through reflection with the leadership theory and consists of action plan creation, discussion, presentation, and case study. If you add the coaching skill workshop to the program, the total program can be held throughout a total of 2 days.



What can you experience and learn?
Team maker is a strategy game designed to develop participants as leaders of a team by facilitating their understandings of different types of followers and how to lead them in various situations.
As the program is based on a game, the theoretical learning contents can be delivered effectively for the best learning outcome. Through the follow-up workshop, participants can experience and learn their own leadership styles, followership types, and various methods to effectively lead their teams including competency development, feedback, conflict management, motivation, problem-solving, coaching, etc. Also, we provide specific action plans to maximize participants’ learning transfer to their workplace.