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Who is it for?
The program was designed for any members of the organization, regardless of positions or roles.



What is it?
The program consists of an indoor board game that can hold 4~6 players as a single team. Two different types of situations, including organizational (business) and personal, are presented to the players. A player must select their action (i.e. type of action linked with a color out of 4 different colors) towards the specified situations and the rest are to guess what color the player might have chosen. The player then shares why he/she chose such action and the turn shifts around. A player with the most chips (collected through the correct guess) wins the game.
The game induces conversation between the players; thus, the players get to know each other better. For such reason, the program can facilitate organizational revitalization, team-building effect, and communication.



How is it formed and be operated?
The program takes 2~3 hours of playtime and is usually done with a workshop on D.I.S.C. Other programs such as contents on work competency, organizational perspectives, etc. can be added to the program. When used as part of the L&D program for executives, the team-building purpose is mostly implemented.



What can you experience and learn?
W.I.D is based on the D.I.S.C theory, thus the game can help players to know about their communication styles and to seek better communication between teammates or coworkers.