[HRM]Selection & Evaluation

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Who is it for?
It is for the job applicants (interviewees/examinees) in the case of new recruitment (intern, new & experienced entrants) of an organization.



What is it?
It is an evaluation program that can grasp behavioral tendencies and competencies of applicants (interviewees/examinees) using strategically designed gamification techniques. Beyond the limitations of the existing evaluation program for the applicant selection process, our strategically designed evaluation program will facilitate applicants’ experiences on the actual conflict and problem-solving situations that will arise within the game, which will lead to various actions that reflect their true competency/leadership/problem-solving style. Such actions will be the crucial evidence for fair and effective selection of the applications, which can also be collected and evaluated based on the behavioral data.



How is it planned and operated?
The selection & evaluation program is 100% customizable. The program is planned according to specific evaluation factors and criteria provided by the client and the rating & scoring system will be constructed and utilized accordingly. After the initial provision of the raw data, the report on the analysis is provided.
The program can utilize different methods of evaluation that can be given in a variety of forms: from the in-door simulation group game contents to tablet-based online application programs. Generally, the program is developed as a 2-hour program with a free and comfortable environment, unlike regular intensive selection-evaluation program.
Many companies are already conducting their selection process with the use of our selection & evaluation program. Since it is an evaluation program directly related to the recruitment & selection process of the clients, relative data and samples cannot be disclosed due to security issues. For more details, please contact us via phone, online, or meeting inquiries.