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Who is it for?
It is intended for general consumer and user groups.



What is it?
We plan and develop experiential contents using gamification techniques to enable consumers to have a fun, unique, and distinct experience for products, services, platforms, spaces, or unique brand experiences, events, and campaigns. The gamification methodology utilizes game-based elements and strategies to maximize player participation and generate positive emotional responses through fun-ship and unexpectedness with direct experiences of making and acting on their own.



How is it planned and operated?
In the case of a branding project conducted with a renowned hotel in Jeju Island, we tried to clearly convey the basic philosophy and concept of the hotel to our customers and remind them of the differentiated experiences of restaurants, cafes, and design shops as well as all the services provided in the hotel. In addition, the fantastic regional characteristics and tourist elements around the hotel were also emphasized, and it was developed with a genre called the big game. The hotel has held its program for 3 consecutive years.
Many other companies are effectively planning and conducting marketing / branding programs and consumer (user) experiences using gamification. For more details, please contact us!