Organizational Culture Campaign

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Who is it for?
It is intended for any members of the organization regardless of position or department.



What is it?
In general, it is a program that effectively delivers messages to employees through their active participation triggered by the application of the gamification methodology on the company-wide campaign. Nowadays, the scope of gamification is expanding to marketing and CRM – by utilizing the immersive effect of the game, increased employee participation in the campaign can lead to the cultivation of an influencer that spreads positive influence throughout the whole organization.



How is it planned and progressed?
The program can be customized to fit the campaign objectives – from changing the working methods, sharing core values, establishing a healthy corporate culture, etc.
In particular, the program can be optimized for the online delivery of the campaign. By designing a motivation/behavior induction process for easy and enjoyable participation, you can also expect a positive community mindset and active organization. In the case of online planning, data collection is also available, so it is easy to analyze the results of the campaign.

A number of companies are already planning and conducting organizational culture campaigns using the gamification methodology, however, the specific data cannot be released due to security and contract issues. For more details, please contact us!